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The Bunn

The BunnG with it's an open front, sliding loop design looks and feels fantastic. Constructed of durable 6mm shock cord, will shock all that venture close! This unique item, hand crafted in the USA is a must have, for the show off in you. If you like standing out proud in a crowd, you can’t be without one. Worn alone, under swim wear or tight jeans all eyes will be on you.  Feels like a thong... acts like a cock ring!

Available in Two Styles

The Original BunnG

Size & Color


Color Selection

The BunnG Sling

One Size Fits All





 Man Nips!

For most guys your cock and nipples are hard wired together and BIGGER is better these tiny little suckers will do the trick.
Regular use will increase the size of your nipples dramatically.
(Black only) Now for only $6.95 per Pair




NEW!!! BunnG Slip Cover

Just a little cover-up that is barely there. Soft, super stretchy nylon to turn your BunnG

into a barely legal thong at the Beach (if you dare)Only $4.95 !


BunnG Slingshot Harness

A perfect companion to your BunnG
Shoulders back, nips on, cock out!


Select Color

17.95 One Size Fits All
Match Color to your BunnG

Nylon Ball Stretcher

Feel the Pull when you strap on this soft durable ball stretcher. 
A favorite combination of many BunnG aficionados.
Available in  1"-1/2


Black Durable Nylon


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cmrnickgo2002 said...

My buddy wears a conventional jock and I wear the bunn-g sling as a wrestling singlet. It keeps a buttplug in place during our matches. The best part is the loser gets f#@ked, which is me at the end. Even if a guy doesn't wrestle, he will be confident the buttplug will remain securely in place during the day.
I highly recommend this cockstrap!

Miky said...

I already have on in Blue, I love it, it's perfect for naked party... I just ordered one in Black

U can also follow me on http://speedos4u.blogspot.ca/


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are still in business. I used to have 3 bunn-gs, until I broke up with my boyfriend and he "stole" 2 of them. I'll be placing an order soon. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just can agree to the other Anonymous. Nice to still have you here. Well, one of my two BunnGs tore last time I used it. Wanting to order some new ones and, on top, some of your other new things all at once, just one question: Is there already a date when the BunnG Slingshot Harness (is it similar to the BunnG Sling?) and the Nylon Ball Stretcher will be available? Or are there any drawings or photos yet to have a look at? Have a nice weekend and

best wishes,

Bunngman said...

Hey Anonymous 1 & 2 Yes!!! we're still causing HUGE erections around the world. 20 years goes by fast. Look forward to those new items next week. Trying to keep up with demand sidetracked new product development, but with your encouragement we're offering both the Slingshot Body Harness and Nylon Ball Stretcher at introductory pricing. Thank for sticking with us through the years!

Dean Johnson said...

What size do you recommend for a size 33" waist?

Bunngman said...

Dean, your right there at the top of S-M you'd better go with the L-XL . You can adjust the rear of the BunnG to maximize the tension on the base of your cock.

Anonymous said...

Is the S-M size OK for 32" waist, or should I go for the L-XL?

Bunngman said...

Stick with S-M for 32" waist

cmrnickgo2002 said...

One feature I enjoy when weightlifting is how a dildo butt plug is held securely while wearing a Bunng! The Bunng is wedged between my ass and with each leg squats, sit-ups and push-ups the Bunng thrusts the dildo deeper in my asshole. I never worry of the butt plug sliding out of my hole and ruining my workout sets. Precum enjoyment is easily accessible. Thank you guys, I am a customer for life!

Bunngman said...

Thanks cmrnickgo, you are dead on about the butt plug. and about weights, the BunnG works great with ball weights and stretchers. I wear chrome ball weight out in public with my BunnG and with my weighted balls swinging in loose fitting shorts it's easy for all to see my cock and balls moving as I walk around running errands. Love the looks I get from others as they notice the obvious movement of my cock and balls.

Bgmactn said...

Got mine the other day. I am an older larger man so I got the XL. Man does it feel good..... I like the way it feels around my cock and balls, almost like a cock ring. I also like the way it holds a butt blug. I have a larger one (in training) that does not like to stay in. The BunnG holds it right in place. I have been wearing under my cloths and no one knows....

Anonymous said...

I'm a 36", do I get the XL version? Thanks.

Bunngman said...

Yes XL would work great!

cmrnickgo2002 said...

The bunn-g snapped during a wrestling drawl as my opponent pulled on the straps. As I began to stand the bunn-g fell to my ankles and the cock-shaped butt plug slipped on my asshole and traveled 5-feet across the floor. Sweat poured from my body and my hole was dripping with ass juice. I like the support the bunn-g offers. Standing butt-naked my balls and cock dropped. I was embarrassed, apparently my partner was unaware of the dildo plug hidden up my ass hole. I will order a replacement. Please ship asasp.
Thank you,

cmrnickgo2002 said...

A familiar package arrived on my doorstep from Gee-Whiz! Excited I quickly removed my tie, shirt, underwear and slacks reached for my favorite butt-plug, ripped open the gold-colored envelope, shoved my cock-shaped plug in my hole, secured the toy with my new bunn-g and began my workout with deep knee squats. With each squat, the bunn-g drove the dildo plug further up my ass! The bunn-g and I are buddies. Thank you for a speedy delivery!

Bunngman said...

Keeping our customers happy and horny is our passion. I too enjoy and all day prostate massage and use the Thunder Plug by 665. That in combination with 16oz stainless ball weights really keep the pre-cum flowing all day, at the nude beach or back yard pool party. The BunnG holds it in place for quite a display this combination is a proven winner at Hedo II, couples and bi curious husbands really enjoy getting hands on experience while I'm on the property. Can't wait to go back in Feb!

iowaboi65@yahoo.com said...

Just orderd my third one this one in blue.
Love the looks i get wearing this under tight shorts or jeans.
Tell when women stare at my outline and nipples get erect.

Bunngman said...

Thanks iowaboi... we love to hear feadback from longtime customers like you.